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Services Include:
  1. Slab Foundation Repair
  2. Steel Piers
  3. Concrete Piers
  4. Pier and Beam foundation repair
  5. Lifetime, Transferable Warranty.
  6. Structural Engineer Referrals available
  7. Best pricing in Plano.
  8. Honest, quality service that gets us referred. That’s how we get over half our new customers.
  9. References available for you to call.
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Member of the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas


Foundation Repair Plano, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: How will foundation repair work affect my ability to sell my home in Plano?


First of all, it is important to understand that in the Plano – Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex there are basically two types of homes… those that have had foundation repair work and those that will need foundation repair work. In short, it is very common. After the foundation repair, not only will you be able to disclose that your foundation has been fixed but that you have a Lifetime, Transferable warranty to supply to your new buyer. You’re giving them piece of mind!

QUESTION: How can I tell if my foundation is in trouble?


1. Cracks inside your house – this is the first and obvious sign.
2. Cracks in your exterior brick/mortar – Now, we’re getting into some issues.
3. Brick to wall separation on the exterior of your windows.
4. Garage wall leaning on the exterior.

QUESTION: How long can I wait?  Do I really need to do this now?


Honestly, that is up to you as you already know.  We don’t like to scare people as part of a sales presentation.  That is not how we would want to be treated.  However, the reality is that your home in Plano is already very likely 15 years older, if not more.  It quite possibly could already have a plumbing issue that is not detected in your water bill (sanitary leak) that is getting worse by the moment and undermining the integrity of your home.  That’s just a fact of life in Plano Texas.  This will not get better… only worse.  We certainly understand the economic conditions right now, so we try to work with clients as much as possible with foundation repair financing.  The fact is that we see the most movement in hot and dry conditions which are the most extreme in the summer.  As the foundation moves, so will everything else in your house, i.e. pipes, walls, framing, floors, etc.  When those things move, it is basically a “Russian Roulette” scenario of what breaks first.  That’s just the truth.  Time is always of the essence with foundation repair problems.

Our PLEDGE to you is the following:

1. We will do the foundation repair work at the fairest price available. That promise is backed up by our BEST PRICE GUARANTEE for the same scope of work by a fully insured company.
2. You will receive the best possible service and follow up.
3. We will provide you a written estimate of the entire scope of work. We will not move forward until you understand everything we propose and feel comfortable with that. WE encourage you to call our references to see what their experience was.
4. Our work is backed by a Lifetime, Transferable warranty that will become extremely important to you should you ever sell your home.


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